Founder Values & Fundamentals

Hi, friends. I was once an Amway Business Owner (ABO) in India as a co-distributor with my wife as the main Distributor several years back. I have since stopped working in the business for some unavoidable reasons, but I still use the products at home. Amway's products are still some of the best internationally. I love the business. I like the products. I admire the people. All the best to all distributors.
Go Diamond!

Submitted by Lienkholal Changsan

Make a good life with Amway.

I believe that along with the founders fundamentals, each and every individual should take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Personal responsibility for partnering with ABOs and leaders. Ensure them that we are here as a source of support for them to achieve their goals in business, and in turn as an organization, we achieve our goals. Whenever I do a business session with leadership, I ensure them that we are partnering with them and give actions points for the coming months or year to achieve. So this way, they feel that it is for their growth and also for the organization's growth.
Blessed. Motivated by Amway to achieve my goals to succeed in business and take my life to a whole new level.

Good day my fellow friends of Amway Global. It is a great pleasure and joy to have this channel to share our points of view about the most important philosophies of the founders, whom I highly appr...

What Amway Means To Me....Amway means an opportunity to become a Business Owner....To be in business for myself BUT not by myself. To be a GOOD EXAMPLE. As a Business Owner and a leader. The abilit...