Founder Values & Fundamentals

What Amway Means To Me....Amway means an opportunity to become a Business Owner....To be in business for myself BUT not by myself. To be a GOOD EXAMPLE. As a Business Owner and a leader. The ability to bring certainty into a community where there isn't any certainty. Amway means being in control of my own financial future, where as in a job you do all the work and someone controls how much you're worth based on what someone decides a position is worth paying per hour.

Submitted by Mark Koscheck

If people were meant to be controlled, they would be born with remotes.

Had this idea about an XS energy drink can/jumper. Computer put it all together.

Amway means to me hope where no other type exists for the average blue collar worker. As a veteran police officer and chaplain, who has served my community for the past 34 years, I see the hopeless...

Blessed. Motivated by Amway to achieve my goals to succeed in business and take my life to a whole new level.