Founder Values & Fundamentals

“With a firm grasp, and a fellowship and a belief in one another, new doors will open and opportunities will continue to expand.”

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New doors will open

Had this idea about an XS energy drink can/jumper. Computer put it all together.

Amway means to me hope where no other type exists for the average blue collar worker. As a veteran police officer and chaplain, who has served my community for the past 34 years, I see the hopeless...

Blessed. Motivated by Amway to achieve my goals to succeed in business and take my life to a whole new level.

Every person can have hope to complete, reach or fulfill any type of dream or way of life by choosing Amway. I have hope and confidence that I will able to fulfill my dreams. Firstly, to make India...

What Amway Means To Me....Amway means an opportunity to become a Business Owner....To be in business for myself BUT not by myself. To be a GOOD EXAMPLE. As a Business Owner and a leader. The abilit...

This business gives Freedom.. and family values. - Young ABO from Estonia
Dynamic group of young, active leaders here in Moscow. Great energy! Great future for Amway Russia.
Founders Council Matching Grants Program – Taiwan
Amway One by One Campaign for Children – Taiwan