Blessed. Motivated by Amway to achieve my goals to succeed in business and take my life to a whole new level.
Beautiful Sunset on Flight Home from Shanghai

What Amway Means To Me....Amway means an opportunity to become a Business Owner....To be in business for myself BUT not by myself. To be a GOOD EXAMPLE. As a Business Owner and a leader. The abilit...

This business gives Freedom.. and family values. - Young ABO from Estonia

Hi! I'm Sebastian Vargas from Colombia. First of all, I want to say that Amway has changed everything in my life. One year ago, when I started with Amway, I met all these people that were happier, ...

Amway is a perfect business in my opinion, I found everything I was looking for when I found the Amway opportunity. I chose to come to United State as a land of opportunity. I was looking to have a...

My parents became distributors in late 1969. They became Emerald Direct Distributors, running Ruby volume in 1974. Their Amway uplines were the greatest leaders ever known and were absolutely respo...

Summer Baseball in Queens – Go Mets!
Top of Observation Point, Zion!
Climbing Mount Rainier!

"Let's give everyone this shining, golden opportunity." - Jay Van Andel

Morning aboard Quantum Racing
Diamond Destination: Peter Island
Trout Lake Farm
River Thames, Founder’s Council 2016

“Amway is an opportunity for people from all walks of life: rich or poor, young or old, black or white; we don’t care what your education level is or where you come from.” - Rich DeVos

“We said we wanted to build a business that anybody could start, because we believe most people if given the chance would do something with it.” - Rich DeVos

“Freedom is something you can only have for yourself, when you are in turn willing to give it to another person.” - Rich DeVos