Founder Values & Fundamentals

Hi, friends. I was once an Amway Business Owner (ABO) in India as a co-distributor with my wife as the main Distributor several years back. I have since stopped working in the business for some unavoidable reasons, but I still use the products at home. Amway's products are still some of the best internationally. I love the business. I like the products. I admire the people. All the best to all distributors.
Go Diamond!

Submitted by Lienkholal Changsan

Make a good life with Amway.

Blessed. Motivated by Amway to achieve my goals to succeed in business and take my life to a whole new level.

My name is Gianluca Giacchero. I'm 24 now, almost ten years after a dip in the sea that left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Luckily for me, I have the support of my family and I will always be g...

What Amway Means To Me....Amway means an opportunity to become a Business Owner....To be in business for myself BUT not by myself. To be a GOOD EXAMPLE. As a Business Owner and a leader. The abilit...

This business gives Freedom.. and family values. - Young ABO from Estonia
We are from Canary Islands (Spain). Family means sharing LOVE with our father when he got cancer some years ago.
Family is a great, strong foundation for everything you want in life.

Hi! I'm Sebastian Vargas from Colombia. First of all, I want to say that Amway has changed everything in my life. One year ago, when I started with Amway, I met all these people that were happier, ...